Branding in Afghanistan

An important part of the systematic and standard business approach is brand and branding. The terms brand and branding are different concepts usually mistaken as one concept. A brand is the emotions people associate with a business, company, or organization. For example, people think of newness, beauty, and high quality while coming across Apple products or company. It’s the characteristics that differentiate the companies and organizations from one another. What customers take away from a company’s or organization’s Instagram, Facebook, reading a blog post, receiving an email, working with you, and purchasing a product is the brand of that company or organization.

Your brand is whatever your customer says it is.

The process or set of actions for creating a brand is called branding. It’s a marketing tool with which a business, company, or organization will stand out in the crowded industry. Branding is a must for a business that wants to be successful in the industry. The most important part of branding is designing brand identity. A brand identity is the logo, colors, typography, photography, packaging, marketing graphics, and a business website. A brand identity is much more than choosing a beautiful font or colors; it is what differentiates a business from its competitors, draws customers to that business, and builds a unique personality.

In Afghanistan, however, the standard and systematic brand and branding are not common yet due to the low level of knowledge about branding. Although businesses are trying to adapt to the modern market changes, including brand and branding; hence, logo design in the appropriate and standard way is being used by some companies. Instead of making logos simply without any knowledge of the field, businesses are now using people or companies working in the area with the required knowledge of branding.

Fortunately, some educational centers have been working in their visual look with the standard and systematic brand and branding such as MELI (Muslim English Language Institute), Kardan University, and AUAF (American University of Afghanistan). Despite the level of knowledge of Afghans in the area, most of the companies pay attention to their position in branding, and few companies work specifically in this field and offer branding services. Ergo, the Afghan market is getting professional and standard in brand and branding. Obrang media company offers branding services with a standard and systematic approach, including logo design, website development, advertisement videos, business card, banner and billboard services, and publications such as company profile.

BY Farhat Joyan